Monday, 13 April 2015

We've dusted ourselves off!

Funny how things change isn't it. Two years ago I'd be blogging daily. It's nearly 6 months since my last post now. I'm conscious that life passes us by so fast and I always intended this blog to be something Grace could look back at when she was older, curious or possibly nothing better to do than look back and reminisce. 

Fast approaching the 5 year old mark, Grace has started school in reception class, is growing in her independence and is loving every moment she encounters in her own pint size journey. I've grown too, outwards mainly, annoyingly (but hardly surprisingly). I'm on a mission this year to kick start and rejuvenate out love for all things healthy, and possibly even kick the diet coke fancy once and for all. I can try.

We've had a crazy busy few months since the new year rolled in. Launching my own business, enjoying our first Easter break away with Grace and celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary, today as it happens. Never a dull moment. Matt the Husband, now affectionately known as The Patient One or Mr Grumpy Pants, interchangeably, is doing great juggling his balls. Work at the bank, Masters degree in his spare time and being a belter of a grass-cutter cum hoover-upper, life on the street is sweet, so they say.

We moved house on a whim in January, and we are slowly, ever so slowly making our house a home. Langdale Towers, no longer fawlty. (Anyone spotted the likeness to dear old Basil? I'll leave you to rib him about that when you see him).

Grace is blotto as I sit here writing, the dog is knocked out at my feet and  I'm just about to wrap up and bed for the night before I get the munchies and raid the cupboards for a biccie. Night all xx

Friday, 15 August 2014

Buzzy Boo turns 4

I'd love to have time to sit and write a post like I did in the good old days but Grace doesn't nap any more and time is a precious commodity. What I have got time for is cherishing every moment I can with her as life is short and you never know what's around the corner. She brings joy to my day in a way nobody else can. Happy 4th birthday Grace! 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Ready for school

I am royally frazzled. I have shopped. I have dropped. I'm sat here drowning actually in a sea of shopping bags brimming with Teflon technology school gear designed to survive even the most rambunctious of kids new to school. Grace has gained uniform enough to kit out her own private army, I have lost the will to live. Not only am I out of pocket but my nose is out of joint. It is Grace who happens across her first crush in the shopping centre and stops us mid-shop for a quick chat and kiss. Iggle Piggle. She gets the clothes AND the man, while I get a dent in my wallet and a pile if clothes to keep straight and launder.
I want to be 3 again.