Sunday, 25 April 2010

25 weeks pregnant

It feels like its been a busy week and at the same time it seems to have dragged. Have been on regular bump-watch as the wiggler has been very active this week, something akin to playing the harp. Typically every time I feel a big one, I stop what I'm doing and watch, and ever so typically in return she holds her breath and doesn't move a muscle until I resume what I was doing, and then the same thing happens all over again. Needless to say I have had a very unproductive week!

Heartburn has well and truly kicked in, from the moment I first eat or drink anything, until I go to bed at night. Despite eating pigeon portions and a healthy dose of Gaviscon, I'm still suffering so have ditched the small portion theory and been to Potters for a hearty supper of Stew & Dumplings. And as I write I'm warming Rhubarb Pie in the oven.

Other perks of pregnancy this week include experiencing swollen feet and ankles for the first time since my last long haul flight, along with beginning to have difficulty reaching to put my socks on or tie my own laces. In a bid to stem the decline further (I may not be able to control the growing bump, but I can tackle my flexibility), I dug out my yoga mat and spent a very ungraceful practice dusting off a few asanas. I'm hoping to keep up with this seeing as it made me feel a little better about things and it is terribly naughty to have let my practice slip so much.

25 weeks down, 15 to go, and 10 left at work...

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