Saturday, 30 November 2013

Doing 'lessons'

Quietly drawing, Grace recovers from her heavily traumatic morning of accidentally doing a standing dive head first into the pool. We have learnt we are tooooo young to dive. 

One other thing we have learnt is that the cinema is tooooo loud and tooooo dark! Aborting the milestone mission after the first twenty minutes we retreated to the peace and quiet that is Grandma's house....

Shropshire weekend

Leaving the Husband and the dog to idle we set off for our long overdue adventure to visit Jennifer and Stephen in Shropshire. I naively thought Grace would be blotto by the time we passed Birstall on the motorway but the little monkey didn't conk out until we were over the Pennines and heading past Warrington. Much parenting stress!

That was all as once there I was perfectly well looked after, as was Grace, with Jennifer and Stephen being great hosts. Grace was treated to new experiences, apple picking and pushing a wheelbarrow to collect wood. 

We had a wee hiccough in the night when Grace fell out of bed but that was soon put right by an invitation into Mummy's bed. A rare treat for both of us!


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Mummy's little star fish...

For the milestone wall of fame, Grace came home with this little beauty today. #proudparent