About Us

Grace Mae arrived in August 2010 making me and Matt the Husband parents for the first time. We live with and are ruled by our dog, Daisy-woof, a German Shorthaired Pointer, in a leafy village somewhere in Yorkshire. We drink too much diet coke, red wine and good coffee. The caffeine keeps us going, the wine helps us nod off... we are only human after all.

We're parenting in our thirties, bumbling along, doing our best as we navigate the path of raising a child. It's not easy... we haven't had any practice. And we aren't getting any younger!

I work in the pet care industry as a manager for a two-site veterinary practice. Matt the Husband spends his days chasing nasty misters who commit fraudulent acts against the bank he works for, a regular little special agent.

And Grace is Grace. A wonderfully inspiring little girl.

Share our journey, if you will. We'll see you along the way...

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