Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Ups and Downs

Suffice to say it's been a hectic week so I'm sorry not to have managed to park my bottom on the sofa for long enough to get this written. Matt the Husband has spent a day in the ENT clinic at Hospital with suspected tonsilitis (it's not, he's a wimp). The dog has been poorly, as has Grace. I'm wondering when it's my turn?

Guessing Daisy-woof was likely to have developed a urinary incontinence issue having wet the bed a few times, I took her off to the vets for a work up just to dot the I's and cross the T's instead of just asking for some meds. £1086 smackers and a full days stay later, they give me the thumbs up for being right. I almost thought the receptionist was going to say 'pick your jaw up darling' as my bottom lip hit the dust on the floor. Thank you Pet Insurance, that's all I can say. Honestly, it makes me grateful for the NHS and free healthcare. I mustn't grumble as I used to work as a Vet Nurse in practice for about 10 years, so I understand the costings behind the bills and wot not. But still - F*** me!
So a week into the tablets, Daisy has only wet the bed once, which is great. On the flip side, we're missing sleeping straight through the night, as she's taken to nudging Matt the Husband around 2am to go outside for a tinkle. You win some, you lose some I guess.

Grace has been poorly last week, found herself back on form again and now today she's thrown a sicky and is feverish and dull again. There seems to be a lot of it going round nursery and playgroups at the moment, this nasty winter virus, so we're treating her symptomatically with calpol and cuddles and wait for a clean bill of health again. She's having an ok day today, wanting to be read to and playing some games on her own which is a good sign we're on the mend.

So yes, busy times at home. Before Grace fell sick, we've been out and about visiting friends and family all over the place, but I'll need to snatch time to post about that later.

Hope everyone else is keeping well!


  1. Oh blimey you've had everyone ill even the dog!
    I sometimes find myself wishing I could be ill so I could stay in bed. I know it's be when I was on my own with the kids though so probably best not to wish for it.

    If you get chance I'd love you to link this up to my Tuesday Tea and Sympathy linky http://1978rebecca.blogspot.com/2011/11/tuesday-tea-and-sympathy_28.html
    (Hope you don't mind me suggesting it)

  2. I must be the lucky one then as I still daytime nap when Grace sleeps - maybe that's why I can fight off the bugs at the moment ha ha!

  3. Hello, Heather, Matt the Husband, Gracie Wiggle and the star of the show, Daisy Woof!
    I enjoy your Blog very much and chuckle a lot. Gracie is so cute and seems to be a darling! Yes, it has been a long time since Thailand but we have been back several times over the years. This year, we were there twice. Check my Blog for our travel details. Thanks for the Christmas greeting card. Nora