Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Eight months Grace...

So as Grace turns 8 months, I can reflect on the following: Over the last 8 months, I have been given a period of grace from....

1) Hoovering - Matt the Husband now religiously does it all from top to bottom. On my post-op notes from the caesarian it said not to hoover and I'm sticking to that mindset.

2) Exercise - since Grace arrived I have been lucky/unlucky enough not to have time to exercise and as such I point the finger at Grace and Matt the Husband for my weight gain - Grace for taking up my time, Matt for taking over the hoovering and thus my opportunity for calorie burn.

3) Pride in appearance - this is a rather tenuous link as I never seemed to take much pride in my appearance anyway (go on, admit it - I know you were thinking as much) - and since Grace has arrived I really can't count the weeks my hair has gone without a dose of the hot irons. And what's more - I have turned into the slummy mummy who really does go to work and find weetabix in her hair and baby puke on her trousers. Nice.

4) Being a workaholic. I am now simply a wishaholic - I wish I could get my work done in the time I have.

And I wonder where did I ever find time to watch soaps, the news, google at random, and spend time thinking about doing x y and z. Now my days are very much flown by the seat of my pants (tight ones - my backside has expanded) and I reach every bedtime thinking 'WOW!' that day has whizzed by.

My compliment of the year has been dished out already - the HR Manager at work told me I had 'changed shape'. No kidding. But this is far outweighed by the compliments paid to Grace - beautiful eyelashes, such a contented little girl, those blue eyes.... it's all there and we love hearing it.

She's 8 months and blooming - thriving on life and taking each day in her stride. I'm almost certain she's half way to saying 'I love you Dada' and her other favourite rambling seems to be 'liar liar liar' - nothing to do with breaking my fast for lent I am sure....??? Push ups are mastered now and her little frog legs go like the clappers so it's only a matter of time until we see crawling I think. Sitting is officially mastered, and we have experienced our first sit-up poo. I like to think it came out looking like a fortune cookie - sorry if I'm putting you off your tea. Nursery is a wonderful place and she seems to enjoy every minute of it, it's the only day of the week where she can skip all day time sleeps and still be buzzing come bedtime. Favourite meals to date include chicken tikka masala with naan, tomatoey meatball risotto and strangely spinach and feta puff. Yum!!

So there's an update. 8 months.

Nothing more significant to post other than WELL DONE DADDY for running the London Marathon in 5 hours 26 minutes to raise money for Help the Hospices. STERLING EFFORT. x x x

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