Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A right Royal visit

At the weekend we were descended upon by family King. This clashed with major teething from Grace and Dimitris (both now heading for 15 months, calpol spoons in tow), a new trend of skipping day time naps from Grace (and me, regrettably), and Matt the Husbands desire to spend the weekend in the kitchen pandering to his sweet tooth.

The result? A great day catching up with family, enjoying the kids playing and entertaining, stuffing jam tarts (courtesy of Evangelia, aged 4) and banoffee pie (by Matt the Husband, aged too old to be getting giddy over puddings on a Sunday)(in my opinion).

Grace understandably spent the whole day wired since she skipped her nap on Friday and Saturday too, but apart from turning her nose up at my Pork and Chorizo stew, she muddled through the day in her own little way and we didn't see a single tear until bathtime when we had to use bribery to extract her from the water.

She's so, so desperate to be up and walking. She's surfing the furniture now, and sometimes she forgets she can't walk - setting off and falling down when she realises there's nobody holding her hands. Bump!

We were quite impressed with her attention span development too this week when she spent a good half hour drawing and colouring in with Andy - something that in the past she's managed maybe five or ten minutes.
I've also been spending a bit of time on the flash cards with her, and she can now pick out the dog, horse, duck and cat. So proud!!

Our little G-bear is growing up, such a magical journey.

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