Sunday, 18 April 2010

Visiting my bump buddy

Today Matt and I took Daisy-woof down to Clumber Park to picnic and dog walk with Christina, Andy and Evangelia. Christina is also expecting, due 3 days after me in August. It's the first time I've seen her since January and was really excited to see her bump. She's carrying more gracefully than me, neat and high up (whereas mine seems to be lower down and wider spread). She says when she carried Evangelia she looked the same as I do now, so she thinks she may be having a boy. I guess it has to be one or the other!

Evangelia was well behaved as ever although apparently she had a meltdown yesterday after not one shop on the Mansfield high street sold a green dummy. Angelic and cheery today, she amused herself while we ate a picnic lunch and chatted about all things baby and parenthood. Christina and Andy have two names in mind, Sevena for a girl, and Dimitri for a boy (this one drawing on her Greek roots). I'm glad the name Grace Mae was chosen so easily.

We had a nice leisurely stroll around the lake at Clumber letting Daisy-woof let off steam and bounce through the heathland. She had her first boating experience (which she wasn't a fan of), and then we bid Christina and Andy goodbye so we could get home to put our feet up.

So lucky to have close family near by and to have Christina going through pregnancy at the same pace as me is reassuring for me being a first-time Mum. No doubt between now and b-day I will have umpteen questions I need to quizz her on, but for now it's just nice to be out in the spring sunshine enjoying pregnancy with my cousin.

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