Wednesday, 7 July 2010

36 weeks pregnant

It's all happening here in the land of maternity leave... I feel I have been busier this last week than I have in the last few months! Matt the Husband points out this is just perception; things are just taking me longer to do - he's probably right.

Visiting the midwife on Monday confirmed we're still cooking nicely and my blood pressure is still normal (which surprises me considering MTH is on a weeks leave this week, ha ha!). It's official now, my BUMP HAS DROPPED! Having a good prod at my lump, the midwife says the baby's head is now 3/5 engaged... exciting news! It's bringing it all home that life as we know it is in its final chapter, and we're trying to make the most of doing things together on our own while we can.

Our antenatal classes with the NCT have now finished until the reunion sessions kick off again in September. Already 25% of the group have had their babies - Leona and Eric with baby Amelia (3 weeks early by caesarian), and baby Toby born to Emma and Phillip (by waterbirth 3 weeks early)!! Makes me realise Gracie-wiggle really may arrive at any time, and that's quite a prospect!
The rest of the group enjoyed a fabulous feast at the Three Houses Pub to mark the end of our education into the transition into parenthood, and we had a wonderful afternoon laughing with like-minded couples. Good luck everybody!!

I have a new pregnancy perk since the bump has dropped - the pressure of the head in my pelvis is causing wierd sensations in my thighs and hips, an awful achey cramp that I can only describe as the 'post Snowdon tremble' or like having whopping great big cable ties wrapped around the top of my legs. I feel like a puffy Bambi. Of course I'm grateful, many women suffer much worse!

Other things of note this week - feeling very grown up making a will at the Solicitors in town. And planning what moves to make with the rambling foliage on the driveway, not to mention calling time on the B&Q hanging baskets. Having mistaken over watering for extreme under watering (its common, honest!) I've sent the sorry souls to the brown bin, and I've made an effort at creating our own masterpiece from the discounted line at the local nursery. I hold little faith these baskets will fair much better - Matt the Husband insisted on rescuing the most sorry looking of plants, so instead of creating a blooming affair, we're keeping our fingers crossed as the plant-orphanage hanging at the front door makes a shaky start into basket life. Fingers crossed.

So yes, lots been happening. Oh, good news while I remember, I was offered and have accepted the job with Head Office, so this week marks something quite remarkable for me - AN END TO FULL TIME WORK!!!!!!!!!!! I will be returning on a 3 day week, so much better for raising Gracie-wiggle and spending quality family time at home. YAY!

36 weeks pregnant, 4 weeks to go. I'm verging on panic!

The last of my leaving flowers from work...

A quick pic with Dad during his whistlestop pitstop at Ferrybridge.

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