Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Wot No Work?!

Monday morning has been and gone. I have not set the alarm clock. I am not on holiday. It's giving me a lot to think about this being on MATERNITY LEAVE! I can shower when I like, eat breakfast when I like, walk the dog when I like, be as busy as I like (or as lazy as I like). I rationalise this lack of routine by the fact that the birth of Gracie-wiggle is pending and I should give myself the chance to do whatever I like whenever I like as this is the end of life as I know it!!! The transition phase - from BUMP to BABY - is 5.5 weeks off. And whereas while I was still at work I was counting down and the time was dragging, now I find myself having thoughts like "there are only 5.5 weeks left"... a gear shift I feel!

So on my first day of maternity proper, I was a lady wot lunched. (I'm getting all the crap grammar out of the way now before I am forced to be a responsible adult and role model to a little lady in the making!). I met up with Christina in Sheffield for a spot o lunch at Zizzi, where mouthwatering Italian fare was enjoyed amidst talk of babies, nurseries and labour... enough to put even the most hardened mother-to-be off her risotto, but I haven't had seafood for a long time now, and I savoured every last mouthful of tiger prawns, calamari and salmon....mmmmm!

Obviously this picture is a little outdated - Christina and I on the beach at Halkidiki in Greece, around 25 years ago!

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