Sunday, 17 October 2010

It all went swimmingly...

It's been a good week here in the Big-Mother House. So much so in fact that the the big-mother is now just about able to squeeze into her pre-maternity jeans which had her dancing round the house like a monkey. And a giddy one at that. Of course the fact that I can't yet sit down in those jeans is irrelevant, I am just happy to be wearing something with buttons at the waist as opposed to over-stretched elastic. Hurray me! Actually the real hard work starts next week when I dust off the yoga mat for a six week kick start to my practice with the yogi legend that is Joanna. Sheli has bravely agreed to join me so we can whine about our aches the morning after... got to love peer support.

As for Grace, she has been a busy little lady. As well as putting on a stiff upper lip for her first shot of immunisations at the clinic, she's donned her water wings and made her first splash in the local pool. Like Mummy, she is also a fan of peer support, so she was joined by not one little friend from our ante-natal group, but three! Eleanor, Ava and Logan all took to the water in their 'happy nappy' swim pants where they learnt the soggy version of 'the wheels on the bus' ('the babies in the pool go splash splash splash...') and had a great time bobbing around the waves getting used to being wet somewhere other than the bath. Next week her little friend John is also coming along!

Hanging out on the play mat

Grace has become rather fond of smiling now - it's becoming a regular thing and the best ones are certainly those she gives when she's greeted after waking from a nap in her nursery. She's also started seeking comfort from hugging and her little arms are learning to embrace and grip which is ever so heart warming when she does it. We like bear hugs in our house.

As for team triumphs, Matt the Husband and I have finally mastered the supermarket shop. After a disastrous attempt during week two, we have put the fear behind us and tackled the 'baby trolley' once more. Success is a) finding a parent and child parking space, b) finding a trolley suitable for carrying a baby, and c) finding the aisles clear enough for dawdling as shopping with a baby inevitably takes longer. THANK YOU TESCO!!

Grace showing off in her hired wheels

The only other thing to mention this week is that I have gone back to work. Not literally, but I have taken my first 'keeping in touch' day which passed in a flash and gave me a dose of grown up conversation (almost Roger), a round of buffet sarnies, and an Apricot muffin to bring home for the Mother-in-law as a thank you for looking after Grace for the day. Typically heavy traffic on the way home saw the muffin reduced to crumbs although I'm aware it's the thought that counts. Yummy. So yes, happy to be back in the chair, albeit a different one now that I have changed job roles, but a good feeling nonetheless. And my old role? The job couldn't have been offered to a more deserving person... WELL DONE SHELI!

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