Friday, 16 December 2011

Grace and the amazing technicolour cardigan

As if answering my prayers, Grace has started walking. Trepidation stamped across her face she's tottering off at full pelt, with hands spread wide as if she's at the mixing deck. One note of caution. Said tottering is on the proviso she has her magical cardigan on so Mummy can hold the hood. Taking a leaf out of Josephs book, she has the ability to walk with the cardi on, take it off and she flops to the floor like a ragdoll. I'm not suggesting for one minute Joseph couldn't walk without his dreamcoat, but you get my gist?

Nonplussed and sure the bolognese stains down the front were yearning for a spin in the washer, I tried another hooded top. Not a sausage of a footstep. So it's back on today, signs of yesterdays dinner and all. And it will stay on until Grace feels she can venture on her own without the guidance of a jumper made from ball ends. Happy days!

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