Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sweet 16

Sailing past the 16 month old marker, Grace has taken to nodding like the dog in the Churchill ads. A very deliberate and controlled nod, she now gestures quite adamantly both yes and no. No I don't want to come out of the bath. No I dont want to go to bed. No I dont want to go in the car seat again. Yes I do want more food. Nodding nailed, I wonder when will she find her feet?

My back is still killing, and 3 months ago when Grace started wanting to walk with her hands held, someone told me it'd only be a matter of weeks before she set off on her own. No such luck. I'm not inpatient per se. I'll just be a wee bit peeved if I have to re-direct the wooden trike and trailer again. Bought originally for her first birthday, it's sat in the loft forlornly wondering why all the other presents got dished out back in August. Let's hope it gets a December 25th airing, otherwise me and the big guy upstairs are going to have to have words. WALK GRACIE, WALK!