Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Bonking...

Works every time. Filthy minds the lot of you!

Grace treated the rainy day bank holiday like a sullen teenager would do. Crawling out of her pit around 11am, to eat a breakfast without so much as eye contact or a thank you for the waitress attending to her every whim. Weetabix, toast (hold the peanut butter), banana (sliced). She then decided to dump the last few bits onto the floor with a look that said don't mess with me, the dog's on my side...

We had a battle getting her into the car to go the park - convinced she was being conned, she gripped onto the garden gate for dear life and I literally had to peel her fingers off one by one. Not a great start to the outing.

Frozen to the bone, we endured the park at toddler pace. Even the dog looked cold. It didn't get any better...

Bonk #1 the crash and burn - tripping over her own foot while picking dandelions - graze to the left knee.

Bonk #2 the roll - busy stomping on the gravel, not sure what caused it, only know the gravitational pull was too strong - sent her flying nose first, graze to side of face, mouthful of dirt.

Bonk #3 the back bash - sitting on the floor playing, decided to throw herself backwards to bang her head for no reason other than to finish the day with a hat trick and a desperate need for calpol.

Some days are best left as duvet days. Today was one of them. Grace went to bed with her tail between her legs when we got home, slept until 5, and was asking to go to bed before 7. Hope she's not coming down with something.

How did you spend your extra day?


  1. What a corker of a bank holiday-who got it worse; her or you?! Poor things! x

    1. ME! At least Grace got to sleep it out in her bed for most of the day. I'd kill for a slob-out like that!!