Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Swim Nappy

To take or not to take, that is the question. When taking Grace to swimming lessons of course she wears one, all mother's dread the swimming pool floaty. But sat here on terra firma preparing the list of things we need to take for Grace on holiday I'm really in two minds.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I wouldn't be mortified if she pooped in the hotel swimming pool - I would. The vision of the sun bed crew glancing over as people run screaming from the pool. I get it.
I just can't decide how many of the little critters to take, and at around 50p a pop (pardon the pun) I don't want to take a mountain load if only a molehill will do.

Decisions, decisions. You'd think I had better things to think about? (and frankly better things to blog about)...

Tips gratefully received.


  1. That kind of floaty doesn't bother me in swimming pools, it's avoidable, little kids throwing up scares me more, it spreads quicker!!

    I would've said 1 swim nappy per pool session that's what we did, but I only buy swim nappies when they're on offer, I refuse to pay full price for them it's just too dear.

    1. Good point. To date we have never had any vomitus from Grace other than milk when she was younger. Here's hoping this isn't a first! The joys!

  2. Why not just take one re-useable swim nappy? My son's been using the same swim nappy for six months which saves a fortune! Just make sure it's snug enough to not leak.

  3. The life of a mom is filled with these kind of pivotal questions! I would suggest one! That should be enough.