Monday, 11 June 2012


So I'm having my morning coffee (strong, didn't sleep well), watching Grace potter in the garden while the dog sniffs for cats. We've had breakfast, the three of us and we're heading off to a play date in the village soon. I'm tickled to see Grace picking handfuls of long grass (the mower is in for a service so I'm treated to a view of knee high savanna until it's back).

She toddles off in the direction of the dog... to feed her the grass. Miffed when Daisy ignores her, she throws it on the ground in a huff and goes off in search of a better tuft. Pulling it from the roots, she runs after Daisy, more insistant this time. Daisy rebuffs her offer again, presumably because only the dog can pick grass suitable for eating.

Very cute, the things they do.

Gracias, said Daisy.

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