Sunday, 4 November 2012

4 days in...

I have run a marathon. Not literally, but definitely metaphorically. I have not let Grace out of my sight for four days on the trot, and I am what you might call bushed. On Thursday, we started out on our potty training journey and you might remember me saying how we were using a 3-day technique which I wrote about here.

Safe to say, we are on track, though clearly there is more to be said for being 'potty trained' than a few well timed wee's on the pot. That said here's a run down for anyone that's interested...

Day One - 5 misses, 1 hit.
Day Two - 3 misses, 1 hit.
Day Three - 1 miss, 3 hits.
Day Four - 1 miss, 1 hit.

Around that, we have cheated a little by letting Grace wear a nappy in bed at night and when she day time naps. Needless to say, poops on the potty are uncharted territory as she has managed to do these in the nappy every day. Some bridges still to cross I think!

It's been hard going, tiring. Grace has been very keen to please, and this had led to a lot (and I mean a lot) of false starts. Time spent running for the potty from her cries of 'wee wee' only to have a dry run. It's been worth is though. She has definitely twigged that she needs to tell us when she needs to go so we can get to the potty to keep her pants dry. Reward stickers all round.

Tomorrow the real world starts. She's off to Grandma's in the morning so I have the perilous car journey to make in rush hour, via the station.... we'll be on the road about 40 minutes and I'm so tempted to put a nappy on just to make life simple but I WILL NOT. I will not cave!! It would just send mixed signals to her and I want to build on the successes we've had the last few days. It will come. She'll learn to tell me when to pull over for a road-side bio break. I'm dreading it. A spare potty potty is in the car ready so I have no excuses.

And then on Tuesday and Wednesday this week she's back in nursery... how will they cope with her crying wolf? Even I've been a bit frustrated at it.

Anyway, Grace has gone to bed early. I'm in need of some much needed feet up on the sofa time. Night all x

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