Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Picture me on Monday, doing a dance around the kitchen when I realise we've got through the day... dry AND clean. Three wee's and a poop on the potty. Not one change of clothes. Happy? I may even have raised a glass (or two) of wine in celebration.

This is the high.

Tuesday formed the low, several misses, and a washing machine wondering what's happened that warrants a mid-week load. Hmph just about summed it up.

Today? Today is a mid-roader. Not bouncing off the walls, but considering Grace has been in nursery all day today, I'm satisfied with her 50% hit rate. Talking of 50%, I'm off to nail the rest of that bottle that I opened on our 'dry day'. Might as well get the mid-week sip of vino off of my chest before starting the new job on Monday..... good times are a coming!

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