Sunday, 23 December 2012

At times like this

At times like this with Christmas around the corner it's refreshing to see we can take pleasures from the simple things in life. Take a brown envelope. Ignore the fact I've had to traipse to the local post sorting office to pay £1.09 in underpaid postage to take receipt of said envelope, and we're granted with a wonderful opportunity. The look of wonder on Grace's face when we're handed the envelope, containing nothing more than some forms from our bank to sign. The excitement is in the opening, the rifling through the paperwork to see if there is anything else of interest, and the creation of a wizards hat using nothing more than a few carefully crafted rips and tears.

With Christmas around the corner, it's feels good to know that if we had nothing but a brown envelope to our name, Grace would be content. Everything she needs is in the excitement of her imagination, and ours. Of course we have a few little surprises for Christmas Day, things she will enjoy and appreciate... and seeing her today makes me relax in the comfort of the knowledge that we didn't need to spend an arm and a leg to see her smile on Christmas morning.

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