Monday, 6 May 2013

Natural beauty

Hailing the better side of  the British weather, we've been making the most of the bank holiday weekend. Marred only by Husbands fudged efforts to adorn the lunch table with barbeque fayre, we steered clear of D.I.Y. and instead spent the days out in the fresh air being at one with nature. Temple Newsam was our dog walk of choice and Grace has had a blast exploring the woods and learning about bark, moss and other such greeneries. In the last few moments before my iphone 'did one' and went 'kaput' I managed to score this gem of a picture of Grace, chilling out on a bed of grass with the bluebells.

This was before I felt the need to pop a valium and sink a glass of the chilled white in the fridge after hearing that my partner in crime at the practice where I work has lost her waters and is waiting for labour to kick in. I had plans for this week - our last week together before she swans off on maternity leave for an eternity - doesn't she know I'm left feeling up the creak without a paddle? I NEEDED my last week with her. I'm feeling far from tranquil (and frankly neither will she be once labour does indeed start) so I suppose I'd better make the most of these last few hours in the sun before I walk into work tomorrow with what can only be described as heavier shoulders than the ones I left with on Friday. Happy days..... and exciting times..... *new baby alert* *new baby alert*

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