Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hunting for rabbits

Being a rare occasion to see sunshine on three consecutive days over a bank holiday weekend, we headed straight off after breakfast to make the most of the brilliant blue skies for a day out at Clumber Park. A little tired, Grace spent much of the walk glued to Daddy's shoulders or hip although when she did cut the ties and run, she had a ball tearing around in the woodland and heath. Notching up a catalogue of cuts and bruises on the uneven ground, she demonstrated her stealth and carried on regardless, Mummy's little soldier. Highlights for Grace were on three levels... standing on a tree stump, sitting in a rabbit hole and devouring a simply massive 99 at the ice-cream van half way round. I wish all days were like these!

Grace - amazed at finding a tree stump!

99 heaven

A quiet moment, deep in thought, sat in a rabbit hole

Daisy-woof at Clumber Park

Grace and me

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