Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sundown Adventure

Saddling up for a day out with the Kings, we strode off into the lowlands for a fun-toting, fun-slinging day out in the wild wild west at Sundown Adventure Land in the shire of Nottingham. Grace was characteristically reserved to begin with, a fair dose of leg-hugging endured. After a while though she gained confidence, broke free of my leg and encouraged by Evangelia and Dimitris let loose full bore, driving tractors, trains and pony's with about as much life left in them as me after a long week at work. Such a great day out! I must confess I had no idea what to expect and I enjoyed it a whole lot more than I'd though I would. Absolutely money well spent.... thank you Sundown! I even managed to sweet talk the grown ups into a wheelbarrow race which I haven't done since my wedding night, and a little headstand/handstand competition. Woo-hoo!

Christina & Evaneglia... WANTED!

Driving tractors with the Kings...

Grace in the driving seat
Racing away from the ball after Prince C and my slipper!

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