Thursday, 17 June 2010

33 weeks pregnant

OOF!! What a week! So grateful to be on the home straight with a little girl in there waiting to come and meet the world. Ever so tired though and feeling very "OOF" is the only way I can describe it. And as for driving to the Hospital, I've been so many times I'm sure if I slipped the car in gear it would take itself off and get me there.

So my growth scan was ok, I went on Friday last week, still measuring big for her abdominal circumference and femur length - which is consistent with the private scan results. The amniotic fluid volume is spot on, and the measurements although big, are at the top end of normal range so the consultant has said no need to worry - just assume we have a biggy on the way! To coincide with this revelation of BIG-NESS, I passed the 2 stone gained barrier, gulp!

I've also had the joy of experiencing a glucose tolerance test, which while virtually painless was rather boring being sat in the waiting room for hours in between the two samples. Good news though, I don't have gestational diabetes - the results came back normal, and again point to a big baby for no other reason than for being big.

What else? Matt and I have had our first NHS antenatal class at the Hospital - we had a good look round the delivery suite and a birthing room and then got a bit twitchy with the midwife talking about pain relief options and positions for labour. We're going back next week for the second session - how to breast feed and how to look after the baby in the first few weeks. Wow, to think the NHS can cover everything we need to know in 4 hours is astounding... actually 3 hours, assuming the midwife sends us home early for the World Cup 7pm kick off again next week. Tragic!

We also attended our first "Earth-Parents" course as I call it with the National Childbirth Trust. £250 big ones, and I might just get value for money, even if it is a touch hippy and home baking. We have 13 sessions to attend, some lasting 4 hours a pop - vastly different from the NHS coverage. Having endured cringe worthy ice-breakers and getting-to-know-you's we were introduced to our 3 mentors for the coming sessions, and 8 other couples all due around the same time as us. Some interesting characters, and one bonafida earth-mum, fully kitted out with the trademark dialogue of "natural birth", "breast-feeding" and "feeding on demand". We're due again this Saturday for the next installment - these people might just give me ammo for a future novel if I run short of ideas!

Pregnancy perks this week? Very swollen ankles and feet (its been particularly warm), progressively noticeable Braxton Hicks contractions and an increasing panic that baby will come early and I wont have all the 'jobs' done. Touch-up painting where Matt has been swinging his arms round with the 'chip paint here' and 'put dirty hand here' card. Controlling the rampant growth of the bushes in the garden. And bushes in the garden [that second one is for you Donna]. Buying the last few bits that I keep putting off. Etc Etc - it seems endless. And ridiculous at the same time - my mind is a whirl of 'have to get dones' and 'yeah but you've got 6 weeks off before baby comes so there should be more than enough time' to the 'yeah but what if she's early and X isn't done?' AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. I'm tempted to sink a large glass of ice cold Pinot Grigio.

As for work, all good, winding down (and winding Donna and Sheli up). And no Avril, you cant have a discount on the ice-cream, even if its after I've gone - Sheli and Sanchia will see past your fruit pastille bribes!!

Phew! 33 weeks down, 7 to go, 1 week left at work.... MOTHERHOOD IS PENDING!

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  1. I got twins on the way, going for a private scan this week, im also like you counting down the week. 6 weeks to go :). How did everything go, i really worried about having twins and the fact my first child was a 8 hour labour.