Friday, 25 June 2010

Last day at work!!!

Yahoooooo!!!!!!!!!! I have just finshed work for the last time this year, at 34 weeks and 1 day. Such a strange feeling, the end of an era so to speak. I've applied for another job internally which would see me moving to head office, so not only is this the last day at work for maternity leave, it may just have been my last day in centre with my team. I had the interview this morning and hear next week. It's exciting and sad at the same time - like I say, the end of an era. This picture is a bit blurred, bless Bev for taking it, but she was shaking a bit and her eyesight's not what it used to be :0)

As you can see, my little bump is growing nicely. The week has had its fair share of pregnancy perks - the odema is progressing at a rate of knots in this hot weather - I no longer have ankles, my hands look like they have been blown up by a bicycle pump, and as a result the carpal tunnel symptoms are far worse than they were last week - at the moment I can grip nothing smaller than the steering wheel in the car - mugs and plates are tricky, if not impossible. I'm waiting on the physiotherapist to get back to me on a treatment plan for this.

Matt and I have been to another hopsital led antenatal class - breastfeeding this week - and another session with the private NCT - pain relief in labour. We're quite enjoying getting to know people in the same boat as us and hopefully over time we may make some 'new parent' friends.

And so yes, I'm heading home now at the end of a long week - with nothing in the diary for the coming weeks other than sheer unadultered ME TIME. No doubt I will fill this time with visitng friends, enjoying time alone and time wiht the dog before she becomes number 2 to baby. My parents are coming for a visit which I am looking forward to. And Matt the Husband has a week off which we plan to spend doing day trips to the beach and Clumber Park and all the nice things that may be put on hold for a month or two when Gracie-wiggle arrives.

So the final countdown begins now that maternity leave has started.
34 weeks down, 6 weeks to go, and every single one of those days between now and then might be the last day I am just Heather, before I become Mummy!

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