Saturday, 18 September 2010

My Watchdog rant!

Where's Ann Robinson when you need her? The story goes that a tired and frustrated first-time Mum wanted a magic wand to send the baby to sleep. Scouring the web for inspiration, I ordered a CD called The Mozart Effect which claims to send babies to sleep with calming music. When it arrives I'll tell you if it works. That isn't my gripe - that lies with the other CD I ordered in good faith, and being called Beethoven for Babies - Brain training for little ones, please tell me I'm not off the mark for expecting the thing to be, well, Beethoven.

So it arrived this morning and I'm immediately confused. Reading the set list I scratch my head and read the small print. "Beethoven for babies invites little ones to stretch their mental muscles..." (good so far) "...with gentle love songs..." (doubt creaps in) "...graceful minuets..." (reined back in by this classical reference, but then comes crashing down by-) "...jolly country dances and beloved Scottish, Irish and Welsh lullabies."

Scratching my head I'm reading it again and looking at the cover utterly perplexed. I wonder idly if I have it wrong and its been put together by a musical upstart called Beth Oven. I doubt it. I haven't listened to it yet, but I know old Ludwig was German, so I do wonder how he ended up writing a piece called Chiling O'Guirg which is clearly Irish. Figures.

I'm smiling now. I know old Ludwig was a versatile chap, and he did actually compose all these pieces. It just tickled me in the moment and I thought a smile this week is worth noting!

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