Saturday, 4 September 2010

Week 3

So let me set the record straight. Grace is a mere 3 weeks and 3 hours old as I write this and she already has a bigger social network than my pocket filofax can keep tabs on. Rising socialite, famous for being a baby, Grace is on everyones guest list and we're getting more invites than there are days in the week. I'm pooped trying to keep up with it all.

So this week then, the one I say has been so busy. Well, Grace had her first trip to the seaside where we spent the day with Donna and her family braving the British bank holiday weather at Bridlington. Beautiful sunshine one moment, then rain with winds high enough to carry the Quinny over a cliff if I let go the next. Good fish n chips though, perhaps worth getting the wind buffed scarecrow hair for.

A wind swept Daddy in Bridlington.

We've had a visit from our friend Grace and her daughter Ava, incidentally born on the same day as our Grace. Sheli came to see us for a jaunt around the village with the Quinny, and we were also peppered with visits from the midwife and health visitor. Of course Grandma Mary and Great Grandma Fran got another look in, and Grace enjoyed meeting Great Grandma Betty for the first time. Not visits, but fan mail also came from far flung corners of the UK, Hastings and Wales, not to mention air mail from Down Under. She is a popular lass.

A sneaky pic of Grace gazing at her Rainbow Book.

As memories of the birth experience and recovery period begin to wane, I'm beginning to get to grips with my new job. FULL TIME MOTHER. It's tiring, there are no scheduled breaks, and I can't even take time out to nip for a quick can of diet coke when the boss isn't looking... she's always there. What's more, the boss, Lady Grace as she's becoming known, is a hard task master. She chops and changes her preferences leaving me trying my best to meet her needs but sometimes falling short of the keep-the-baby-from-crying mark. I joke, and I do love the little mite, but from somebody so retentive in keeping an orderly and organised life pre-baby, the shock to the system from this to being a wing-it Mother, has been like a slap around the chops with a rubber turkey.

Grace after her bath.

Matt the Husband is back to work. I am alone with a baby and it's peaceful. He's figured out that singing helps soothe her to sleep. Good for Grace - I'm glad it works, but my ears are bleeding! Great musician... terrible vocalist.

Key developments this week?
She can definitely move her head more this week - right up and from one side to another when she is laid on her belly. And she is starting to follow the sound of a voice with her eyes. She can also fart REALLY loud. She obviously has a Roberts bottom - for this I am clearly very proud, a family legacy at last.

Daisy-woof, finally moved into her own room...

That's it. She's been quiet enough for half hour for me to write this, I'm off to see if I get through dinner in one sitting.

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