Saturday, 13 November 2010

A full Quart!

Darling little Grace is three months old already and I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown. Already she is developing her own little personality and we can see she is going to become a kind and contented child. My heart melts every time she treats me to one of her gummy smiles and her whole face lights up with delight. Grace has taken to sucking on her hand rather a lot and dribbling so I do wonder if we are in the early stages of teething? According to the Dentist it is possible for her to teeth this early, so we are keeping close watch.

All of a sudden this week we have seen her taking more interest in the toys on her rocking chair, and we have so enjoyed watching her chatter away to the toys, particularly Crinkly Caterpillar, who she seems to have a soft spot for. One of the most heartwarming things is listening to Grace talk away to her toys if she wakes in the night (she is making a good range of sounds now) and then often after around twenty minutes or so she drifts off back to sleep. Matt the Husband and I have been blessed this week with a beer-worthy milestone... Grace has been sleeping through from 7pm until somewhere between 6am and 7am. What initially we thought was a fluke, we're now on the 5th night on the trot so "CHEERS" and finally some uninterrupted sleep. Or at least that is the theory. I have all at once developed insomnia that hasn't kept me company since late pregnancy so I am darned frustrated to be thumb twiddling at night when I should be sleeping. Hey-ho, it's nothing to lose sleep over.... ha!!

We did have an out of character grumpy stretch with Grace the other week, where we were treated to the kind of baby one might like to muffle the sound of with a jolly good set of ear plugs. I have experienced meltdowns in Mothercare and the supermarket, the latter of which I walked the aisles for what felt like half an hour trying to calm her down. Turns out she was suffering with wet eczema, and a little under the weather from her 12 week immunisations - nothing that a little Calpol didn't fix, a blessing in one dose.

We now have our regular cheerful Grace back, and at the 3 month marker weighs in at 15lb 8oz. If I had some time to spare I'd sit and work out how much milk she's had to drink to get to that weight, but I have supper on the go and mental arithmetic has never been my strong point.

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