Saturday, 6 November 2010

The walking week

Autumn is upon us now the clocks have gone back, with it bringing beautiful mornings and the most wonderful colours in every direction on a walk. Combine with this early teething for Grace and a super energetic Daisy-woof, and most days this week found a tired and harassed first-time Mum pounding the pavements with a buggy. Pavements, park, woods. You name it, we walked it. For when walking, the world is quiet - no pestering from the dog, and a generally serene and sleeping (or at least content with the motion) Grace.

Grace taking in the flora at Newmillardam.

Asleep on a walk, a moment of serenity.

Daisy back home and content with her rawhide

The first-time Mum always feels better after a walk. The air clears her head, and provided she doesn't fall fowl by pushing the buggy through something, well, fowl, it usually serves well to get the day off to a good start. Thank heavens for brilliant sunshine and crisp mornings, and a note to the man upstairs if he's listening - lets have more of the crisp and sunny, and less of the damp and blustery. I look bedraggled and unkempt as it is at the moment, without throwing a dose of damp and blustery. The first-time Mother does NOT need help looking like a windswept scarecrow. She can achieve quite naturally what make-up artists and stylists on film sets in Hollywood take hours to achieve. I am a lost talent.

Anyway, thank you good weather, and thank you autumnal beauty for making our walks this week so wonderful.

As for the nightmare of early teething - that can wait for another post.

God bless x

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