Sunday, 28 November 2010

Winter warmers

SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, Grace is rather perplexed by the white stuff falling softly across her face from the sky. It's going to take a little getting used to, although no worries there - according to the forecast the cold snap is here for a wee while yet. We have had plenty of fun over the last few weeks trying out new games and activities to keep Grace busy. We're still going swimming every week which she is enjoying more and more and she is becoming increasingly interested in watching us grown-ups go about our day and doing the usual chores... all to her inquisitive delight.

Grace is spending time daily on her tummy to help strengthen her upper body and neck, although we have yet to see her roll by herself. She's doing plenty of hand and finger sucking which is great for us as it means she's able to self-soothe herself back to sleep at night if she wakes. We're blessed now with regular 10+ hours each night from when she goes to bed at 7pm after her bath. Thank you Grace!! (I hope I haven't jinxed that now as she has had a bit of a snotty nose for the last day or so and fear a winter cold may be on its way... so stay away winter cold virus, and keep Gracie sleeping soundly!)

At last her hair is slowly beginning to re-grow after over a month of fighting a losing battle to cradle cap. After trying a myriad of treatments, we've settled on Dentinox Shampoo, following by Oilatum smothered from head to toe, topped off with Aloe gel for good measure. I can't wait for her fluffy little crown to come back.

Oh and one last nugget of news, GREAT NEWS!! Grace has been signed off by the paediatric cardiologist at the hospital... after a full examination and echocardiogram last week, the asymptomatic heart murmur that was present in the neonatal period has resolved itself and she has been given a clean bill of health. We can now breathe a sigh of relief... our little girl is in the clear.

Anyway, a few pics for the last few weeks... (and more to follow from a visit from the Grandparents soon). Ciao peeps!

My favourite sleepsuit to date - outgrown.

Catching a snooze in the car.

Copying Daddy doing air-guitar.

Practicing for Christmas...

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