Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Have 'BUMBO' will sit...

I'm so glad I took Christina's advice and bought one of these contraptions! The invention is genius. Soft and mouldable it relies on the babies weight to support the sit position, and it's heft enough to provide stability and safety. We love it. Naturally the first time Grace sat in it she looked a little shocked to say the least - being a big baby the space in the Bumbo is a little restrictive. Nevertheless, she loved her first few minutes, sitting on the countertop watching me do the dishes while the snow fell at the window. Money well spent. Grace spends time in the Bumbo daily now, its portable and she's fond of helping me fold laundry as well as opening the post. It's non-stop excitement here!

First-time Bumbo user, Grace Mae...

A dab-hand with the washing up now.

Sitting 'propped' up.

Beautiful blue eyes.

Family L.

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