Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Tooth Fairy

Almost a month of dribbling and hand-in-mouth have finally come to fruition. A delivery...

Last night under the cover of darkness, the Tooth Fairy popped into Grace's room through an open window (we have the heating on, it's o.k.), and fired two baby-teeth arrows in the direction of the crib where she was sleeping. Luckily for the Tooth Fairy, both hit target and Grace this morning has two white shiners poking through the gum on her lower gum. Typically the Tooth Fairy left a parting shot, a dose of sugar-free Calpol, and for this both Grace and Mummy today are very grateful.

Grace has today been grizzly and clingy - those pesky mountain peaks in her mouth are causing her strife and she's a little confused I think. It's said that babies get used to teething pains the more that come through, but at the moment Grace is definitely discomforted by the process, bless her.

Two down, another 18 to go.

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