Friday, 24 December 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

Well nearly. Santa is coming tomorrow and the goose is cooked! Sooooo excited, it's driving me crackers. Ho! That's my first Christmas joke (and a bad one at that!) I woke up at 2am this morning and finally nodded off again just before the alarm went off to get Matt the Husband up and packed off to work. Only 4 more hours left for him to work.... wooo!!!! It's clear that Grace's first Christmas, of which she is thus far completely oblivious, is giving me free rein to get giddy, and giddy I am. I was almost sure I heard the reindeer last night, but then I realised that a) I was a day early and b) it was Matt the Husband competing with the dog in the festive snoring competition... lucky, aren't i??

Ok enough twaddle. Grace is still in bed but time is short as she's due up soon so I need to get this written. Being thrify this Christmas now that I am down to maternity pay, we decided only to buy for close family and a few little bits for Grace. We had a fun time at the Preloved Sale last week in the village hall, where we were lucky enough to pick up a stocking full of fun bits and pieces for Grace (read Matt the Husband) to open on Christmas morning without spending big. So pleased was I with our frugal finds, I was a bit premature patting the coins in the back pocket. Ever childlike, my husband bless him, couldn't bear the thought of a Christmas without something to unwrap himself. He doesn't tell me this, no! I discover it when I'm packing bags in the wee hours, and discover a little unfamiliar pile under the tree (no, not a pressie from Daisy-woof!!).... presents wrapped and labelled "To Daddy, love from Grace x x x"

Daddy and Grace conspiring to buy gifts for Daddy...

Now he forgets Mummy and Grace are organised and have already covered this base. When he gets home from work later he may need reminding that "love from Grace" is not a ticket to buy all those things Mummy has said "No" or "You must be kidding" or "Jog on" to the rest of the year. I can't wait to see what 'Grace' has bought him.

Getting giddy on jungle gym!

Grace is HEAVY. It must be all this tinsel she has been eating?? I have been poorly this week and at times I felt too wimpy to pick her up. She's gained 11oz in a week, and the hungry baby milk she is now supping is obviously doing good work. We are sure her first word will be "Milk".

Grace helping with the tree decs.

So I bid you a Merry Christmas while I go under the radar to enjoy a family Christmas! AND a Happy Christmas to you too!! God bless x x x

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