Thursday, 7 July 2011


Yes I thought that would grab your attention - rude minds, all of you! Now if we can take our minds out of the gutter for just one moment I have to tell you of Grace and her latest... bonk.

Runny nose and spluttering cough, Grace has had a slight cold for the last few days. This hasn't stopped her from enjoying nursery this week and she's had a fabulous time with me raking through the rails at the Debenhams Blue Cross sale on the hunt for a bargain - girls must shop! Anyway, back to bonking - sitting up to the table this evening making a jolly good effort at tucking away a bowl of broccoli and broad bean cheesy pasta even though she'd already polished off her tea at nursery before she came home - she sneezed.

Not just a little achoo mind you, but a real deep-breath fueled belly belting sneeze - and that's when the bonk happened - Grace threw her head back and then forward with the momentum of the sneeze... and BONKED her nose on the solid oak table cushioned only by a table cloth. YOUCH!

Needless to say supper fell by the wayside and a generous dose of Mummy-cuddle and hush-songs later, we plonked her in the bath before sending her off to dream land with what looks like it might be a big bruise on her snoz in the morning.

Matt the Husband and I have all fingers crossed - it's school photos at nursery tomorrow and I worry she'll be snapped with a cauliflower nose... bruiser.

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