Monday, 4 July 2011

Sunshine Sundays

Welcome to my world - the four day weekend.

Official for a week now I am a busy mum - cum - lady of leisure. That is assuming you calling running around after Grace and Matt the Husband, not to mention Daisy-woof and housework a day of rest. All things considered though, I am not grumpy about my lot - far from it - and I'm actually reflecting on what a lucky girl I am (Euromillions win pending).

We did find a tenner on the dog walk yesterday, and I apologise to the villager that went without their Sunday paper and pint of milk as a result - but what was I to do? Let it flit and float in the wind up into a thorn bush for a bird to make a nest with? Ney - I pocketed it swiftly (eyes darting wildly checking for an ambush) and lectured Grace on the badness of profiting from other peoples bad luck. (She said it was ok - just pay for us to go swimming Mummy, so I did).

We also graced the Babies Birthday Party hosted by Leona and Eric who we attended NCT antenatal classes with one year ago. Amelia, or Millie as she is known has grown so much since I last saw her last October, as had the other babies, some of which I have seen more recently, including Logan who goes to nursery with Grace. Leona and I concluded it's the laid back babies who are slower to develop than their peers - Millie and Grace, both very chilled little girls, are still sitting pretty and appear to be in very little hurry to up sticks and go for a wander. We aren't concerned - the longer it takes Grace to get her wriggle-on, the longer we get to enjoy her as a baby - she has her whole life to walk - there is no rush. As for the others - Logan in particular were scuttling around all over the garden, climbing onto the decking and generally making merry mischief.

This is as close as Grace gets to moving...

I did have a moment of 'oh my goodness I am a terrible mother' when I picked a giggly Grace up for a cuddle and immediately realised she whiffed to high heaven of the celebration bubbly. Unmistakably champagne, it didn't take me long to twig she'd been mouthing on a plastic party cup - just hadn't realised it still had booze in. Embarrassingly, I see forward to the future maybe where Grace becomes the cheeky child that runs around at weddings while the grown-ups are dancing, taking a sneaky sip out of all the half empty glasses. Dear oh dear.

Operation birthday-secret is coming on nicely and Matt the Husband has been patting himself on the back a great deal over his craftsmanship a lot this past week. More on that another time. For now that's it - our news.
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Champagne Sunday....

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