Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lightening Langers

Matt the Husband is many things. Talented guitar and bass musician. Hardy marathon runner. Skilled lawnmower-er. Passable fudge-it DIY-er. Excellent bun-baker, and rather good at paint-by-numbers dinner cooking. He can even turn his hand at household chores.

One thing he is not, is fast.

Last night Grace and me were home alone while Matt the Husband stayed over in London on a course for work on hunting down nasty misters who carry out fraud. I worried the end of day routine would be long and protracted, slow and stressful with one less pair of hands available to get dinner cooked, Grace fed, bathed and to bed. We usually eat together the three of us, then Matt the Husband does bath and bedtime routine with Grace while I clear up the kitchen, do some tidying and get things ready for the next day.

Suprised was I then when I out my feet up in front of the TV with a little glass of vino.... not later than normal... but actually half an hour earlier.

Help or Hindrance? What camp is your Husband in??

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