Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Posterity Measures

As the fireworks ring in the New Year, I'm trawling through family memorabilia in search of a trigger to re-light the sparkle in my mother's eyes. We had to move her into a Care Home over Christmas as old age seems to have crept up and bitten her on the arse, and she's never looked so old and frail as she did when I visited her yesterday morning. Hunched over in her chair shortly after the carers had washed and dressed her, the time I spent with her passed without conversation or reminiscing, Mum's mind wandering in a land only she knows. I hung up the calendar that I had made for Christmas and helped unwrapped a jar of her favourite lemon curd for her, although she didn't seem interested or even aware of either. I've ordered her some music she asked for played on an antiquated music box called a Zuzkinka and I'm having a poster printed with some photographs old and new to brighten up her room including one of us together about 30 years ago on holiday, and another of her parents together on their 50th wedding anniversary. I pray she's able to recognise them when it arrives in the post. At times like this I wish I hadn't strayed away from East Anglia, as being in Yorkshire now, albeit only a three hour drive on a clear run seems so very far away.

Grace sends her wet kisses to you Mum,(she gave you one yesterday before we came home) and we said night night to the photo of you and Dad on the fridge before bed last night. Love you Mummy, get well soon, from one Mummy to another.

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