Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Tree of Life for Animals

Please click on the title above. It should link to the 2 minute video made for my friend Rachel's charity, set up in Rajasthan, India some years ago.

I want to raise £300 to put an air conditioning unit into the operating theatre of Rachel's charity, the Tree of Life for Animals in Rajasthan, India. Mainly caring for dogs and cows, the veterinary team work in summer temperatures up to 45c recorded in the hottest season and still around 28c in winter, they really need this a/c unit to make time in theatre bearable for pets and people. Will you help??

Such a little goes a long way in India. £50 for wages for a member of the care team for a month, £160 for 400 rabies vaccinations. Incredible.

I'll be setting up a Just Giving Page soon for this donation for the air con, although if you want to donate direct, please go to the TOLFA website and follow the links.

Thankies! x x

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