Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bye bye cot bars!

Stop press! Grace is sleeping in a bed! A moment of madness saw me asking Matt the Husband to do away with the bars and convert the cotbed into a bed.... the very first for Grace. So diddy, the bed, it's cute and we sat at the top of the stairs after lights out last night holding our breath and wondering if the silence was too good to be true. Mummy's little angel climbed in at the end of her bedtime routine, pulled the duvet up over herself, snuggled into the pillow hugging Mr Rabbit and let us turn the light out and leave the room without so much as a peep...
She woke up 11 hours later. A freakishly easy fluke perhaps?

Her daytime nap today was a similar affair. Walked out, shut the door and listened. She chatted to herself a while then it went quiet.... she woke up around 3 hours later. Hurray Henry! If only everything were this simple!! We were bracing ourselves for weeks of havoc - the only reason we started now was because we wanted Grace in a normal bed by the time we go on holiday in May. So the fact she hasn't even batted an eyelid makes me feel lucky... privileged even. Here's hoping potty training goes as smoothly. (I know I'm counting my chickens - there's a little bit of me sitting thinking 'I'm being too gobby here' and I bet I'm in for a night of bedtime bedlam, but as it stands at the moment it's quiet up there so all looking good!)

Grace learnt to nod this week too - she still prefers to shake her head but she's getting in some very vigorous looking practise. We've been out and about with the dog on walks in the early spring sunshine too. I'm aching from that today, so unfit that I am, but Grace seems to have endless energy which is wonderful to be a part of. Here's a few pics I wanted to share with you. Bye for now!

Feeling Hip in Mummy's hat

Stomping along, happy as larry.

Checking teddy is happy with the sleeping arrangements...

Super cute - Grace 18 months


  1. hiya, im a new follower :) great post, how clever is your little ne doing that bless her x my little man is nearly 2 and still in his cot, to scared yet to move him to his big boy bed, even though we have had it since hes been 1 lol x going to have to make the move soon though hes getting to big x x

  2. We were very lucky, I know. We took her for a wander round the beds in Ikea on Saturday, she had the time of her life climbing and bouncing on them. I think that helped - she just climbed up like she did in the store - maybe try something like that x