Sunday, 5 February 2012

S is for Snow!

Yay!!!!! It snowed! I was beginning to think we'd escaped the white stuff this winter but I was wrong. There's snow on the ground and plenty of it. Grace isn't keen. She's nervous of new experiences, snow being one of them.

S is also for Soup! Homemade leek and potato. Grace wasn't keen on that new experience either. Maybe next time?

"I really don't think I like this!"

A smile that says "I feel safer in here".

A worried look that says "I'm still not sure about that snow..."


  1. oh bless her, snow is wonderful to look at but is so cold and quite dangerious to go in maybe she is right to stay in doors! :)

    1. You're right sarahmumof3, Grace lasted all of five minutes and most of that was spent glued to the spot calling me over to be with her. So much for the snow angels I had planned! :0)