Thursday, 16 February 2012

How I've missed you!

Last autumn, I thought I was unluckly that my cherished laptop gave up the ghost when the hard drive popped off without so much as a goodbye. To lose another only months later could be seen as being crapped on from a great height. Don't blame the pigeons, these things happen.

Back up and running again after a two week silence, I'm getting an RSI as I type - I can feel it already, that nagging ache in my left arm as I try to keep my hand from slipping over the mousepad and sending the screen whappy as I bang out a few words. I felt stifled to begin with, not having that contact with the hidden world, not being able to blog ad lib. Strange, but true. Now that I have the means I feel I have nothing to say. Grace turned 18 months this week so at some point I'll get around to putting up some photo's; such a blessed child. For now, I'm going to sign out and get the kettle on for a cuppa. I've missed you, it's good to be back.

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