Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter fun

Short of things to say but never short of things to see and do, we spend Easter weekend with my Dad chalking off a few of the Yorkshire 'warm inside' destinations. Battling the snow which is still refusing to melt, Grace had a fun packed weekend with lots of variety and plenty of memories.

Maybe one day I'll find my voice again and start blogging instead of just posting photographs but everyone needs a wee break once in a while, so in the meantime, pics of our Easter fun...

Making Easter cornflake nests

Exploring the body-zone at Eureka!

Combining a love of dance, art and farmyard animals

Grace's painted Easter 'Mr Egg'

With Grandpa at Tropical World

Snow days in Halifax

Happy Birthday to Daisy-woof (pilchard, carrot & nut butter)

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