Friday, 26 April 2013

My Hewo

Aside from being a great friend and poking his tongue out at random moments throughout the day, Jack Barrett is apparently now also Grace's 'Hewo'.

Driving home in the car from nursery, chatting about her day as we do, Grace is telling me in great detail the ups and downs of her day. She's painted, played in the garden, read stories and all in good spirits until she fell off the slide sideways and hurting her leg. But it's ok, because 'Jack Bawwatt pulled me up' she tells me dramatically and goes on to say that he hugged her better and stopped her crying.

After all that commotion, James stole Grace's Mr Rabbit (which caused a major hoo-harr) and 'Jack Bawwatt got it back for me' (which averted catastrophe) and left Grace feeling content again because not only is Jack her 'fwend', he's her 'hewo' as well. God love him.



  1. So cute, hooray for best friends and hewos!

    1. I know! I'm finding it so interesting watching these friendships blossom right before my eyes.