Sunday, 7 April 2013

Totes babe!

The new trend for Grace is the art of abbreviation. Mummy at times becomes Mum, Daddy becomes Dad and Daisy has now started being referred to as Days. At times. When she's in the mood.

Other abbreviations forming part of the little ones vocabulary are Grams (Grandma), dode (dody / dummy) and a non-abbreviation which is Daddy-baddy-booby. There's a story behind that one, Holly Willoughby and Keith Lemon off the tele implicated, and it's proving to be a tough one to shake off. All things considered if that's the worst Grace can come up with then we're not doing too badly.

Another trend of the season appears to be the art of likening ones body parts to those of others. Grace, apparently (so she tells me), has little boobies like Daddy. Not like Mummy's which apparently are much bigger and wobble when I walk (and no doubt will drift further south as the big 40 looms closer when I imagine I shall be able to knock said knockers into the waistband of by M&S support pants). Fortunately we haven't yet had to progress into the conversation about the birds and the bee's - Grace seemingly content to know that Daddy has an apendage she and I do not.

At 2 years 8 months, she's totes amazeballs.

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