Sunday, 2 May 2010

26 weeks pregnant

A busy week again, and another pregnancy milestone reached. Matt the Husband and I were out walking in Wales with friends Laura and Matt, where I discovered I can no longer fasten the zip on my raincoat. I last wore it less than 4 weeks ago, and it has gone from fitting just fine to not even coming close to meeting in the middle... my bump is definitely growing! Here's hoping for a dry dog-walking summer until my blessed coat fits once more.

I have also crossed the dreaded 12 stone marker, and I hope to the man-upstairs that I get to full term without the scales tipping 13. The extra weight along with the fact my abdominal organs are getting squished upwards by my bump, are making it increasingly difficult to breathe normally when I'm under any kind of exertion at all - even walking the stairs can leave me wishing for supplementary oxygen.

After working on finishing touches for the nursery earlier in the week, we have shopped for and fitted a funky little storage unit for the nursery from Ikea. This is an obvious bid to retain some kind of un-clutteredness in the house once the little one arrives - naive I know. All we need to finish to room off now is a new lamp and a blackout blind. This will be my shopping tackle this week coming, or at least that's the plan.

26 weeks down, 14 to go...

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