Friday, 21 May 2010

Wee details

I'm running out of things to buy for the little nipper before she arrives. So this week we have made a few choice purchases to brighten up the nursery and satisfy my inherent need to spend a buck or two...

I adore this spiral accessory from Mamas & Papas, at the moment I have it on the cot in the nursery, and its versatile as it also winds onto the buggy or car seat.

When I spotted Gerald on the bookshelf, I just had to take him home! This is a wonderful story that we have been reading to Gracie-wiggle's bump - does this make us pushy parents, I wonder? Research says whatever we read to her now in-utero will be familiar to her once she is born and with us on terra firma. I'm a bit sceptical, but time will tell!

I couldn't resist buying these two neddies in Mamas & Papas. I adore the vintage looking fabric, and toys like this are timeless aren't they?!

I love the sharp colours in this book, great for stimulating interest and very cool to look at from my adult perspective!

Matt the Husband and I had a wonderful hour browsing in our local Waterstones store for these books when we were shopping in Leeds the other day.

I cant say how long this little spree will keep me occupied, although realistically there is nothing left to buy now. Apart from breast pads and nipple cream but I doubt that needs mentioning on here. Oh and the blind for the nursery - the delay there has been my slight nagging doubt that Gracie-wiggle might turn out to be a boy. Our last scan due this coming Monday will confirm that for me. Then its straight online to order the rose pink blackout blind I've had my keen eye on!

As more time passes the more excited I get. I turned 29 weeks yesterday, and today I am officially starting my countdown for my last 25 days at work - I hope time between now and B-Day flies, some mothers talk of it dragging as their weight makes everything such an effort. Touch wood, pregnancy has been kind to me so far. Not long to go now....

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