Saturday, 15 May 2010

28 weeks pregnant

Matt the Husband and I took some time off work this week, so we loaded the car up and headed off to Norfolk with Daisy-woof for a few days R&R in the countryside. It was great to see my aged P's again, and around time spent rambling with the dog in the forest I managed to persuade Dad to dig out the photos of when I was a baby. Everyone looks so young - key things of note were Dads huge moustache, uncle Franks sideburns and huge kipper-like tie... most amusing. These relics from the past also served to remind me of my late grandmother who in a nutshell is Gracie-wiggle's namesake.

Here is a picture of Dad with the family in the forest.

My 28 week appointment saw me at the hospital for routine blood samples (results pending), urinalysis (normal), blood pressure check (normal), listening to Gracie-wiggles heartbeat (normal at 140-160 bpm), and for the first time taking a measurement of the 'fundus' which is the size of the uterus. Generally speaking if I'm 28 weeks, the midwife explained she would expect a measurement of something in the region of 28cm from pubic bone to top of uterus (which is now sitting up near my rib cage). I measured in at 30cm, but this is nothing to worry about - she said 2cm either side is fine. I had worked myself up into a bit of anxiety waiting for the blood sample to be taken (I am fine with i/m injections but there is something that freaks me out about i/v work).
Anyway, no need to worry.... while I sat and practiced meditative breathing and focusing on D-W skipping through the forest with a smile on her face, Matt is beside me being very stoic though alas turning a lighter shade of grey and losing his vision for a few minutes pre-empting a faint. So after the midwife had finished taking blood and injected the Anti-D treatment that was due this week, she ran off to get Matt a glass of water (while I broke out of my trance into fits of laughter). So very funny, although a touch worrying that he mightn't be the most fail safe candidate for my birthing partner if he ends up sucking on Entonox to calm his nerves and passing out at the critical moment!!

Pregnancy perks new to me this week include calcium deficiency whereby I'm aiming for an intake of 1000mg a day which is recommended in the 3rd trimester, but still suffering the most awful cramps in my calves. I am staving this off by eating enough yoghurt to sink a battleship so will have to see if this has any useful effect this week. Upper back ache has now well and truly kicked in and my lower back pain continues to see me grunting like a recumbent hippopotamus trying to get out of bed (or the sofa, or the car or generally anything that requires effort) without seriously tipping the weakness over the edge.

I'm getting inpatient now, nearly everything is bought, the nursery decorations are taking shape and I am so restless waiting for the arrival of a little girl that is surely going to turn life as we know it upside down.

28 weeks gone, 12 weeks to go, 6 weeks left to work (and counting!)

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