Sunday, 9 May 2010

27 weeks pregnant

27 weeks, 13 weeks to go!

Boy what a week! So busy at work, chasing my tail and getting increasingly frustrated at my inability to streamline like I normally do... I blame the pregnancy head. It's like pulling a card from my back pocket that says "I'm pregnant, what do you expect?!". Matt says I'm overusing it... I showed him the card. So yes, a manic week at work, a few frayed tempers (mostly mine) and Friday finally came feeling like a fortnight since my last day off.

Monday saw me attempting dog-whisperer tactics to try to stop Daisy-woof from terrorising (and probably eating) a Polecat that had found its way into our garden. Thankfully managed to grab the dog and shut her in the house before returning to the garden to catch the polecat into a basket and ring the RSPCA to come collect it. Waiting in for the RSPCA on Tuesday was a very welcome excuse to put my feet up and rest.

All is well in the pregnancy this week but I feel the weight is beginning to take its toll on the sacro-iliac region of my lower back. I have a weakness in this area stemming from an old trauma injury when I was 19, and its now rearing its head most days. This peaked one night when I woke up with my back muscles in complete spasm and had to wake Matt the Husband to sit me up so I could walk to stretch it out. Its ok as I write this but still fully aware of the nagging pain all the time.

Another pregnancy perk that has surfaced this week is aching hips and pelvis at night time. As I'm so used to sleeping on my back (which isn't recommended at this stage in pregnancy), the sleeping on my side is causing an awful ache in whichever hip is uppermost. I have taken to putting a plump pillow between my knees which seems to be helping as its reducing the angle my leg rests at.

Oh yes, and this week I have scoured every shop in the area for a short sleeved t-shirt for warmer weather. Poor Matt the Husband followed me dutifully round so many shops I have lost count and every one with a maternity section had a) long sleeve only, b) nothing in my size or c) plenty on my size with short sleeves but in the most hideously bright colours. Soooooo annoying, I want to SCREAM!! But blessed George at Asda, at last a short sleeve top in my size in a colour I'll just call normal. Phew!

So yes, bump is growing, I have put on 1lb this week. We have been walking quite a lot this week, and it felt really good to get out in the fresh air and remind my legs what they're capable of. Friday evening saw us taking Daisy-woof for a family reunion to visit Gabrielle and Michael with their GSP's Rio, Gus, Kai and Mac. Rio was unable to come walking with us as he'd cut his paw, but D-W had great fun nonetheless running around giddy with her daddy (Gus) and uncles.

It's so wonderful seeing D-W with her family!

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