Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The 25th Hour Syndrome

Alternatively known as the aspiration for an 8th day. I am FRAZZLED after 3 weeks back in the saddle at work, loving every minute of it, but pooped with a capital Zzzzzzzzz. I just cannot get everything done. HATS OFF to women who work full time. Seriously, well done girls!

I'm not alone in this syndrome so I take solace from that. Every working mum goes through it. Snatching 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there. Making up milk bottles while stirring the dinner and making sandwiches for tomorrow at the same time, with the washing machine on in the background and the dog pestering me for a walk while Grace yells at me from the high chair saying she's had enough of her starter and is ready for the main course which of course isn't ready as I'm still stirring the sodding thing in the pan. BREATHE!!!! I'm keeping up with housework and we're not on freezer food just yet, but I can't remember the last time I straightened my hair... so yes, frazzled in more ways than one!

Grace, bless her, has adjusted well to having a tired working Mum as opposed to a stay at home mum climbing the walls. She's a little more fractious than normal and I put this down to the fact she's having so much fun at nursery and with Grandma that she simply doesn't have time to sleep during the day. She's still a happy little poppet and rarely turns to tears, but she does have bags under her eyes some days which while very cute, are a tad worrying for one so young!

Grace having a play at The Oaks

We have had plenty to keep us occupied of late. Grace has had a winter cold which declined into a chest infection so she was off colour for about a fortnight. Matt the Husband and I both had varying degrees of the lurgy too which has left us both feeling drained at times. Thankfully Grace made a recovery in time for a visit from Nanny and Grandpa from Norfolk and they took much delight in spending time with her and watching her demonstrate her motor skills at the dining table.

Grace listening to a story with Grandpa and Nanny

Grace and I also went on an adventure to visit family in Shropshire, a beautiful drive out over the Pennines and down into North Wales in the spring sunshine. Jennifer and Stephen were great hosts, and Grace had a wonderful time in the garden having a go on the swing and looking at the sheep and horses in the field.

Grace taking an interest in the snowdrops with Stephen

Grace with Jennifer at The Oaks

I have much much more to tell you seeing as I haven't blogged in over a fortnight, but I need to head off into the depths of the house and find a little chore or two to do now that Grace is in bed dreaming of getting Mummy a cleaner for her birthday.

Night night, God bless x

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