Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Godfather - NEWS BULLETIN

The ageing patriarch of an organised Stud Dog Dynasty, Micheal a.k.a. Don Scanlon attended the Christening of Grace Mae at the weekend. Lucky for the lesser known family-of-Grace, the only horses head in sight was a hobby horse brought along for the occasion. A rare photo of Micheal was found in a roll of 35mm discarded at the church, and his whereabouts remains unconfirmed. Also unconfirmed are reports that he wore a disguise to the Christening by way of shirt and tie. Those close to the Don wouldn't comment on the matter, but did admit he had ironed it that morning. Witnesses, including Michael's wife Grabrielle were seen to enjoy the Christening, and rumours are rife that Michael might quietly be looking forward to getting Grace involved in the GSP show circuit and showing her the ropes.... not in an Al Pacino kind of way...

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