Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lucky Seven

Dear little Grace,

Seven whole months ago you were brought into this world and every day your Daddy and I count our blessings for such a wonderful daughter. This past month has been very challenging for you as you were poorly for sometime with a nasty lingering chest infection. Fortunately you responded well to the anti-biotics prescribed by your Doctor and you are now back to your normal self. Your development stagnated while you were unwell and we didn't see much change in you for several weeks. Since then you have zoomed along, and we have noticed a host of new things you are capable of doing. Sitting still seems to elude you.... you can sit unaided for several seconds but you do seem to like slouching or leaning on anything nearby. You are readily doing push-ups when you're having tummy time and we thinks it's possible you will be crawling sometime soon. You've taken a real interest in books and you seem to love sitting in your bumbo chair flicking through colourful board books and sometimes having a little nibble on the corners too. Still a firm favourite for your bedtime story is We're going on a bear hunt and you are thrilled by the sound effects we make as we read through the story with you..... awoo awoo awoo!!

You've settled into nursery well and everyone you meet says what a delightful little girl you are. You're hair is growing fast now and one of my treats is to rub my face on your hair - I call you my fluffy little chicken. I miss you when I am working although we both know deep down it's for the best as we do so many fun things on our days together you hardly notice when I'm not around, so contented you are. Weaning is still posing no problems for you, and a new favourite is sticky thai rice and baby corn soaked in a sauce, and today you made a super mess with mashed potato and baked beans. Yummy!

Having such a lot of fun doing bouncy bouncy bouncy!

Next month is going to be a busy one baby girl, with your Christening, Mother's Day and Daddy running the London Marathon, we will be ladies on the move as we race about living our lives and wondering if today will be the day you decide you don't need to slouch because 'Mummy I can sit up quite alright on my own' thank you very much!

Lots of love sweetpea, remember Mummy and Daddy love you always x x

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